foam protective mini ipad case

Meet "Baby Berry", "Little Demon" & "Alpha Air" - the Coolest Kids iPad cases around!

foam padded i pad protector case

Baby Berry for Apple iPad 2/3/4, Little Demon for iPad Mini & Alpha Air for the iPad Air

These very cute & very durable iPad protective cases are designed for little hands!

You need never worry about your little one dropping your iPad ever again!

These brightly coloured, fun protective cases are made to withstand little accidents from little people!

  • Made with dense non-toxic heavy duty foam which is perfectly safe for children.
  • Material can withstand considerable wear and tear and provide extreme shock protection.
  • The case fully covers the back, sides and extends above the surface of the iPad's screen, which means that the screen will remain safe from scratches if laid on its face.
  • Easy port access.
  • It's lightweight, simple to hold, and it can even stand up on its own two feet - even while holding up your iPad!
  • It's free-standing and offer a convenient viewing angle for little people.
  • Provides total all round protection.

Baby Berry for iPad 2/3/4
Little Demon for iPad Mini
Alpha Air for iPad Air